Revive Wireframes
Wireframes done for my "Revive" project; this is an application for a video game café.
These pages outline the basic functionalities, including pre-placing an order, booking a game booth and console, as well as a virtual points card.
Login options
Booking details
Previous points cards
Low Fidelity Skillpod Wireframes
Our team made a series of low fidelity wireframes using Adobe XD, for the purposes of visually showcasing aspects of the system to our client. Here are the ones I contributed.
Child Development Timeline
This was an excercise in designing and creating an information visualization. After some sketching, I settled on prototyping a child development timeline.
These sketches took me through the initial ideation process, where I experimented with different visualization styles and points of interaction.
The mockup can be viewed here. Below is also a walkthrough of the pages.
ToUronto: Tourism
ToUronto was a collaborative project to create a tourism website for Toronto. These wireframes eventually transformed into a prototype, which can be viewed here.
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